Could a native English speaker take a look at this? And anyone else, whose lang != pl_PL


I took me 50 nights, and my puzzle game in Python is (almost) ready. The “native” game language is English, but I’m not a native English speaker. I’d be grateful if someone could review 65 lines of English strings and tell me what’s wrong. Or just make a pull request.

Also, if anyone wanted to dedicate 15 minutes and translate it into their language, it may be done by submitting a file to the languages directory. The file should be named according to your locale, like en_NZ or es_ES.

Thanks in advance!

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Did a quick read and found two:

intro_incredible = IN-CRE_DI-BLE!  --> intro_incredible = IN-CRE-DI-BLE!

unless you want that original underscore.

player_offline = You must sing in first  --> player_offline = You must sign in first

unless a player is suppose to actually sing to get the game started; that could be interesting after a few beers.


Haha! Typos may have something to do with beer. More specifically: with porter from Żywiec. :slight_smile:

Possibly this:

More one the website

Not sure what you mean here

Other than what @PackRat found all looks okay.

By clicking the Top 10 button, you open a dialog with 10 best overall scores. You may click the button below to the website with more details:

Acceptable or to be changed?

I can’t see anything just a grey square.

Could you call it “Top 10 Scores”?

Yep, Flameshot happens to work randomly on VM. :slight_smile:

In this dialog you already see some top scores. The button allows to see more.

Graczy = scores in English?

“More one the website” should probably read “More from the website”

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Haha! I need to force English on my machine. I forgot to do so, and also had forgotten to translate this string into Polish. :slight_smile: Should be like this:

Still need to change that “More One the Website” to “More from the website”

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Already changed locally. Will go to the 0.9-4 package. Thank you!