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At the first glance, I thought she’s Angela Merkel.


LOLOLOL - I can see that, lolol

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lol, metal granny !

Bubba from The Bubbling Fart Band. :eyes:

But, grandma now … she can tame those skins!

lol, yes mam !

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Very true the machismo of the guys! :rofl:

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Build them any bigger, you would be able to sell seats!


Lol, pretty much so & they might be safer than the real things also ! lol

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Imagine it!

Sitting in the cockpit with a hand held remote and 3 passengers behind you.

Advantange: The plane would never get out of range of the remote control.

But that’s adding a needless point of failure.

If I can imagine being in it, I can image no points of failure.
Remote would be under Linux control not Windown.


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There’s no need to fly, just image you’re there. :wink:


I wouldnt want to get hit by that :joy:

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Out of curiosity: what does a Concorde like that cost you? I guess about the same as a midsized family car?


Lol, bet that it must cost a fortune & also would ve talken a lot of time to build & also take some space to store it !

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lol, me neither as it s not mine @leigh

If spelling was an indication of my pilot skills you’d be better off in a plane controlled by Windows.

My other problem is I need a “What you meant to type” checker as well.

PS: I did mean to type Windown though.

Wonder how many cars I could buy with what he paid for that.

Nice though.

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