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Nop, but I kind of like them but note much space either to store them if I had any @cog !


Not condoning his behaviour but I found it funny in a puerile ex-abuser kind of way

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Looks like he got fined peanuts to me.

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What are the engines in those things?
So cool the way the frame-rate gives a strobe effect on the rotors - you can see how they distort under the aerodynamic vs centrifugal forces

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He’ll pay more for it in terms of self-esteem

I don t know about the engines in there @leigh . Wish I knew more ! lol

lol, maybe he doesn t care at all. !

Open in Youtube and ‘More’:

They are small scale jet engines - amazing
That makes them even more cool!
I want one

“Turbine: Jakadofsky PRO X”

14 HP @ 94 krpm Gas turbine

€9.5 k !!

I dont want one anymore :rofl:

In English

3.5 kg!

My 10 horse outboard for my little sailyboat weighs around 45 kg, maybe I should get one for her?

You can buy an RC helicopter second hand for € 14 k

I would stuff it straight into the ground if my dexterity with any kind of computer game is any guide

‘computer game’ - does that make me sound old or what

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Triple loop crash - knocks himself out!

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Wow, more expensive than car engines !

But that must be cool !

Looks like every hobby s expensive. !

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Windsurfers s pretty crazy at those speed ! !

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A very handy link.

Yeah it’s sweet free little read.

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From In pictures: Buck Moon rises over England - BBC News


Wow, nice pic in there !

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