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@Dobbie03. Wow, that s great.


BADFET: Defeating Modern Secure Boot Using Second-Order Pulsed Electromagnetic Fault Injection


@Head_on_a_Stick . Gee, some are ingenious in there !


I thought this was fascinating. Using side channel exploits to steal data from airgapped machines.


Gee, now every time I ll hear the fan I ll get paranoid ! lol

Thx for the link @LionessAlana


This was my cunning plan :imp:
nothing and nowhere is safe


lol, pretty much it @LionessAlana


If my grandfather comes to see the Hyperloop he has a heart attack.


Saw something like that on the web yesterday, wonder if it s the same, looks weird to me.


@altman I’ve read this.The funny thing is that in 1870, in New York, there was something similar.


wow, as we can see , they don t invent much, it s more the technology that might help something new to work in some sort.


Exactly. I like to imagine that crazy things now, will serve in the future


Well, this sure is… something.
OpenGL bindings in Bash

tl;dr: Bash+OpenGL realtime 3D.


Zoom in


It looks perfect. I like that camera


I spent hour at a time playing around with the original back in the day.


“memwashed” :laughing: