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Is it just me or is Elon Musk the frickin man?

Elon Musk has sold all his flamethrowers

— The Verge (@verge) 1 February 2018

Just Incase you’ve ran out of burger ideas!



Yeah that’s pretty cool.


Keep yourself entertained


Yes this is cool,

I need to get something similar setup on my AL install.


I am looking into that as we speak.


I wouldn’t mind knowing what you used once you are done if you are happy to share?



Once I get it all figured out I will absolutely share the complete setup.


Appreciate it.


I’ve been watching this project with intense interest.

Event Horizon Telescope

The data set from the first study are being processed now and could very shortly yield the first direct images of the event horizon surrounding Sgr A* (the supermassive black hole @ the center of our galaxy).


If you’re sick of Winter, catch some rays.



One site I really enjoy, if you’re into Science


An NES built into a NES cartridge, I need this:


Ohhh, that’s massive cool!


Yeah it’s pretty impressive work.

Attempt #13 at Connection with Human Person


We’ll get there! Let’s try again.
Something related to both politician and honesty.

I’m out of ideas

Sick fallout inspired Clone Tropper helmet