Content scrolling in st

As I’ll probably need to give up on Alacritty on my new laptop (GPU acceleration seems not to go well with Radeon), I replaced it with st from Suckless. Can’t check how it behaved on my previous machine (formatted, given away to my daughter), but here I can’t scroll the content which doesn’t fit in the window. Is this a normal behaviour? Does the scrollback patch apply also to the mouse, or to the keyboard only?

There is a second patch for mouse scrollback. Apply the mouse scrollback after applying the scrollback patch.

OMG, this does not suck less! :crazy_face: Thanks!

Personally I don’t need it anymore, if you need some output to be scrollable and searchable pipe it into less, if the output is not something that can be captured in this way (make!) use a terminal multiplexer like tmux or gnu-screen. Just takes a bit of getting used to.

Matter of taste. As you know, I’m more into gui and stuff like that. Just installed lxterminal.

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