Connect a printer Samsung

I can not connect a Samsung Xpress M2070W printer to my pc.
Thanks for your help.

What have you tried so far?

Does the printer show up on CUPS web interface? I have a Brother Printer that shows, but there are no 64-bit drivers for it so I can’t actually install it (unless I install 32-bit OS).

You mau need to start and enable the org.cups.cupsd.service.

Arch Wiki CUPS

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I would install the following packages

  1. samsung-unified-driver (which installs:)
    1.1 samsung-unified-driver-printer
    1.2 samsung-unified-driver-scanner
    1.3 samsung-unified-driver-common
  2. system-config-printer (should already be installed on your system)

Installing samsung-unified-driver resolved the issue with my Samsung Xpress printer for me atleast, altough I had to disable and reconfigure some settings because by default images were printing weird (white stripes).