I have just installed AL and found that only one conky is installed. Is there a default set of conky’s that I could install? If so where can these be found?


There is no predetermined default set as such. You can add as many .conkyrc file inside ~/.config/conky/ folder and its subdirectories. This repo has a lots of them!


Thanks Pangolin, after doing a fresh install of ArchLabs XFCE there is only one .conkyrc file in the ~/.config/conky/ folder, I would like to know where I can get other .conkyrc files to add to my ~/.config/conky/ folder. I have some .conkyrc files from ArcoLinux that I could use after editing them but would like some ArchLabs files but I don’t know where to get them from.


You can find few them in the link I provided in the last reply. You can also lurk around deviantart for more setups and their respective .conkyrc files. Link to get you started!


Thanks for that, I’ll have a look at those links and see what I can find, thanks again.


and here:

configs are in the comments.


We didn’t see the point of supplying a huge number of Conky configs. Everyone normally changes from the default anyway.


Have more here -> noobslab


Thanks Man


Thanks for the link