Congrats on the new forum!

I really dig the styling!


Thanks! Welcome as our first new Member (admins are excluded from this list LOL!)

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Thanks! I am really impressed with what you guys have done with ArchLabs. I have been messing with it for a few weeks and I am really considering installing it on bare metal. I currently use pure Arch with XFCE, but OpenBox is really growing on me.


Openbox is pure magic mate. I used to be exculsively Gnome (other than my flirtings with #!), I can’t stand Gnome now.

Install ArchLabs, you will not be disappointed. Nate’s welcome script is especially nice.

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That’s the do you want to install this and that script? That thing is AMAZING.

Oh, also… <- Another metalhead!

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ArchLabs seems to attract us Metalheads for some reason.

Yeah, that welcome script is amazing.

Here is an over-middle-aged guy with a wooden-head! Listening now to Anat Cohen (Brazilian jazz) but before that I “Ride on”, Xanadu, Limelight, Sails of Charon, Mr Crowley, WarPigs and more.

Womp (from the scandal-state Sweden)

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Hey guys, trying to give me the shake? Lol I like the the new look Dobbie03, it fits. Yeah, I use openbox myself. Any other DE just makes me want to run to the porcelain throne, if you know what I mean. But I’m having trouble with Windows and Archlabs getting along. Every time I install Windows, Archlabs can’t load, and vice versa. And before anyone asks why I am still using Windows, it’s because of some of my jobs require programs that run in that environment but not in linux. Which is a bummer, but what can one do. But is anyone else running into this issue and had solved it. Please let me know. Anyway, got a new WD passport so I can clone my system in case I become a madman and end up having to restore my system again. :grin::sweat_smile::yum:

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No worries. I still have a computer that runs Arch and Win 10. Basically the same reason. lol.

What I have found is:

Install Windows
Install Arch
From in Arch, install os-prober
Mount the partition(s) with your Windows install
from a terminal, run os-prober and then run:
grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

It should see your Windows install and add it to the GRUB menu. You can then unmount your Window(s) partition(s).

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Hi Palanthis, thanks for answering but believe it or not, I have done what you suggested and that’s when I get into trouble. The other distros, no problem. But for Archlabs, it’s a disaster. It’s okay if I don’t have Windows on grub and then just go through my BIOS to choose to go to Archlabs or windows. By the way, my Mac iOS has no problem being on Archlabs’ grub. I’m about ready to pull some wires, oh I mean hair!