Configure static IP and proxy for installation

Hey there!

I’m new guy to all Arch things (used Ubuntu/Mint before). Decided to give ArchLabs a try but can’t install darn thing. Installation menu won’t let me through without working network connection and also doesn’t give me an option to set up static IP (no DHCP in this network).

I tried to play around with netctl and example file and stuff I googled (like this: ) but it doesn’t work.

When I try “# netctl start ens160” in says about error. When I investigate “systemctl status netctl@ens160.service” it says that profile ens160 is up. Quite logical “# netctl stop ens160” doesn’t stop anything - interface remains up. “# netctl stop-all ens160” also doesn’t work.

So I can’t make it install while in network without dhcp.


  • Let me install offline;
  • Let me configure interface like dhcp/static/proxy in installation menu;

Any help is appreciated!

PS. Also eager to see how will it proceed further when installer faces our corporate proxy.