Computer freezes on StartUp after full system update - Nvidia driver 470 for 490

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I hope you all are fine.

This night I updated my computer and in the list was nvidia driver 490. I was using 470. This morning my computer froze and was outputting something about Nvidia Driver incompatibility or non-suport for new driver 490 and blablabla continuing probe…

And it kept stuck on that.

Now I am using a live session just to come here to ask for help. How can I install only 470 and disable nvidia from updating to a higher driver to avoid break my system again, guys?

I appreciate any help.

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There’re some changes in 490. Support for some Nvidia “legacy” cards are not carried on in 490 anymore. You need to install,


from AUR.

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May I not downgrade to the last version and disable nvidia updates? And if I follow your tip, when I update the system, won’t the driver be updated to 490 version again?

Sure, you could downgrade & then ignore nvidia in pacman.conf. It will likely work. The problem is you’re not receiving future updates/fixes in your nvidia driver.

Instead, you could uninstall nvidia and install nvidia-470xx-dkms from AUR. You will continue to get updates through AUR update/upgrade.


That was I did. I opened the pacman.conf and wrote in ignorepkg the following packages: linux514-nvidia and nvidia-utils. And the problem was solved.

Thank you for all help you guys gave me.

P.S.: I found the solution googling.
The source:

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