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Hi,what did you answer the question:
Do you want to replace compton with community / picom? [Y / n]
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I read this in picom:

Following the deprecation process, migration to the new name will be broken into 3 steps:

  1. All mentions of compton will be updated to picom in the code base. compton will still be installed, but only as a symlink to picom. When picom is launched via the symlink, a warning message is printed, alerting the user to migrate. Similarly, the old configuration file names and dbus interface names will still be accepted but warned.

  2. 3 major releases after step 1, the warning messages will be prompted to error messages and picom will not start when launched via the symlink.

  3. 3 major releases after step 2, the symlink will be removed.

The dbus interface and service names are unchanged, so no migration needed for that.

Do I need to change something in .config?
As you know I’m newbie and I don’t speak English


First I have chosen ‘no’, and it froze at start
Then I have chosen ‘yes’, but it doesn’t work, I had to launch paranoid and OFF/ON it. But it launches compton and not picom (htop proves it)
Of course I don’t really want to do that each time I launch the OS, there’s something to do in the i3/config…

Edit: I have to correct myself here, the freeze is not due to compositor but is a kernel related problem

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I chose “yes” to install picom. I’m using bspwm and the compton.conf copied from /etc/skel (but I’ve also made a duplicate as picom.conf for later upgrades) and everything seems to be working alright.

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I gave yes, and everything seems to go as before, compton.conf has not changed, I see the picom.desktop in / usr / share / application …
we’ll see with the third picom update, which happens.