Compton: hidden windows goes invisible

Hi, in new to openbox and Archlabs and would want to say great job.

i have noticed that after awhile, i am not alt-tab back to my minimized windows. it seems like compton has something to do with it. if i open terminal and “killall compton” my invisible comes back, if i re-enable it, the windows disappear again. i dont want to lose what compton bring so totally disabling it is not something i would do if it can be helped.


a few google search seems to point out _NET_WM_OPACITY to be an issue but dunno how to remedy that

If you are not using i3 then you can remove the lines regarding _NET_WM_HIDDEN in your ~/.config/compton.conf then restart compton with al-compositor --restart

opacity-rule = [
    "0:_NET_WM_STATE@:32a * = '_NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN'"

shadow-exclude = [
    "name *?= 'Notification'",
    "class_g *?= 'jgmenu'",
    "class_g *?= 'VirtualBox'",
    "class_g *?= 'Conky'",
    "class_g *?= 'Notify-osd'",
    "class_g *?= 'cairo-dock'",
    "class_g *?= 'trayer'",
    "class_g *?= 'i3-frame'",
    "class_g *?= 'firefox'",
    "class_g *?= 'navigator'",
    "class_g *?= 'Cairo-clock'",
    "class_g *?= 'Cairo-dock'",
    "class_g *?= 'plank'",
    "class_g *?= 'Docky'",

focus-exclude = [
    "class_g *?= 'Cairo-clock'",
    "class_g *?= 'Virtualbox'",
    "class_g *?= 'trayer'",
    "name *?= 'Authy'"

i3 is what the polybar is using right? i dig the polybar, so ill try and comment out that line and see if it still happens (im using the defaults mostly, from the fresh install, being new in openbox)

ok, removing ```