Compiling kernel

Anyone running self-compiled kernel?
I am interested in methods and tweaks.
I have read both here and there that you can improve performance quite alot.
Is that true?
Abs-system or old fashion compiling?
Is it worth the effort and time?


I’ve never tried it but you can generate a minimal configuration by plugging in any and all devices (in turn) and using

make localmodconfig

Then use make menuconfig (or so) to select options specific to your hardware.



Bit of a subjective question there. The SD card reader (realtek) on my old HP laptop had the driver removed from the kernel for a couple years, so I had to compile my own kernel to get it to work properly; or use an external card reader which I ended up doing. Newer driver eventually showed up. HP runs ArchLabs no issues now.

If you go all in on building from source, there are some benefits; the Gentoo crowd swears by it, and they have some really nice custom systems.

Other than the learning experience, or to get some hardware working, I never found it to be worth the time.

Ok. I see. I kind of lean to “No” as well!
Thanks for insight!


Well I am you guys with knowledge answered!
I use linux-ck-skylake and linux-zen. Both do very well. I am not going to compile. I thank you very much for good advice!