Community Outreach

Yeah… It does. My caveat to this: granted the sample size is small, and we participated in the query, the findings do point to Telegram, IRC, with perhaps Hangouts being excluded, as an outlier. I think is safe to declare the ArchLabs Riot room / Bridge trail over, and close the service at this time, based upon the current stats before us.

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It was worth a shot @AvnSgt. Saying that we could focus all our energy here and use this forum as our main source of communication?


@Dobbie03 - I think the largest part of our effort is placed here, in our forums, as you said. With an observable, small percentage, over the last 4~5 weeks, showing up in the IRC channel. At, one point Riot tracked a total user count, of 30, in the channel. Maybe that is a small drawback of RIot, as the bridge, kept the IRC user account, listed with all users, but showed the account as offline.
With that information, my thoughts would be, to keep the IRC channel, but continue to encourage users to open forum posts to address the majority of issues. If it can be solved on IRC, by one of us, providing we have time, or one of our community users, then it would lessen our burden on the forum, by removing some of the more mundane issues… Possibly, maybe?

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Good call. I personally haven’t been on IRC for a few weeks. If you are happy to look after that side of things? I’ll carry on here.


I don’t mind, as many times I am online, in IRC, lurking in the rust room, on moznet. Mind you, I don’t have moderator status anymore, since I reclaimed my nick from matrix bridge. ChanServ does not recognize me as one of the owners or moderators. :rofl:

We better get @iDanoo to upgrade you :smiley:

Somehow iDanoo doesn’t have owner status either… Kind of weird.


Hey guys, I don’t use IRC. I only use this forum using a web browser. But, if I could help, let me know. Life allowing of course.

@AvnSgt, I’ll hit him up.

@sevenday4. thanks for the offer man.

No problem, the translation project is going to be a doosey though. But, where ever I can help…

Yes that is going to be a mission. I don’t even know where to start.

Yeah, I am trying to keep everyone working together, but the technical issues are going to be challenging. This may be a trial and error situation.

We will probable need a Translation Repo…I’m in the middle of a search on the best way to do this.

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I kinda of figured on that, I forgot who mentioned it, but supposedly there’s tool to help out. I’m guessing that is what you’re looking at.

I have been looking through Manjaro, Bunsen etc Github pages to see how they handle translations but they don’t seem to have a dedicated github.

It will be an ongoing thing to get this up and running I think.

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Re-Opened for further discussion.

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Well creating a database on github is the easy part. But from there, I feel like I am in a in heavy fog. I remember installing a distro, and some how it was a strange mix of English and Spanish. I must of hit es instead of en during install. But I don’t think that is a good idea. I will do some searching as well, maybe one of us will find something that will help.

That’s weird…y’all are peons like me :wink:

On the other hand I mentioned elsewhere before this was reopend, Maybe do IRC and Telegram, specially since there is a bridge for them I believe. That way two of the most used options will be available and linked so it doesn’t matter which one you pick.

just a thought.

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Yeah agree with this.