Community Outreach

How does our LABSters communicate? You can pick up to 3 of your favorites that you use, and by doing this, our team better serve our wonderful community.

  • HangOuts
  • Telegram
  • Wire
  • Signal
  • IRC
  • XMPP
  • Slack
  • Whatsapp
  • Snapchat

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More people should click on Wire :slight_smile:

Also on Wire in addition to my chouces of Hangouts, Telegram and IRC.

I am also setting up RSS feeds for each forum for your favorite RSS engine so that you can keep tabs on the subjects you are interested in and then use your favorite means mentioned by AvnSgt

and Dobbie03. Darn I hate when you hit a certain area of a touch screen and it runs over to an area you didn’t intend to hit. Sorry Dobbie03, I guess I got stubby fingers. :roll_eyes:

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I think we can leave the poll open for 7 days. That might be long enough to get a decent sample size from our users. What do you guys think?

@sevenday4, I know what you mean. I have pretty big hands and sausage fingers. I always double press keys. It gets annoying.

@AvnSgt, I reckon at least a couple of weeks.

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for reasons unknown, my company switched from IRC to slack, although IRC still remains favourite.
Slack/Telegram/WhatsApp (my picks) are mostly because of ‘peer pressure’.

(walks away, mumbling about snwflake hipster kids with their bulky chatapps that add nothing but headache and pain and I used to walk barefoot uphill to and from school)

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The only reason I only chose one is that I have enough apps on my devices to confuse my 2 brain cells and it’s bad enough to try to find what apps I do have. :sunglasses:

I’m a fan of Wire also…but use telegram, signal and IRC more often.

The IRC room is still available, #archlabslinux on Freenode.

Going to bump this one last time, for user visibility. But will be closing soon, so make sure you vote!

I have really taken to Telegram over the last week or so, been using it a whole lot more.


The voting for this will close on the morning of the 24, of March.


Currently using Signal but this poll has me curious about Wire and Telegram. I like that I can replace my SMS app with Signal and text non-Signal users from the same place. Also that it syncs with the desktop client.

Is this possible with the other two? What am I missing out on beyond this?

Unfortunately, no, there is not one. Riot will do IRC, and slack, with its bridges over the matrix servers, and is suppose to integrate in to Telegram. However, I am not sure how the Telegram integration works. Wire is encrypted end 2 end, and by device, so this would not work. Possibly similar to Signal’s encryption, which would not allow foreign devices to connect.

That’s one thing that Telegram lacks for me, SMS support. I still prefer it as my main source of messaging though.

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Telgram and IRC seem to be most popular Larry?

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