Comments on world events

I didn’t want to take away from the original thread (screenshots) so I removed it and placed this here.

Sometimes, you just can’'t make this stuff up, where there was a vehicle that was carrying 100 lab munkies going to the CDC quarantine labs.

Then this happens:

… Seems I saw this movie before…

Of course, then there’s this…


LOL! It did get me thinking when I read that news report. I was like “Has no one ever watched 28 Days Later?”


If you ever seen “In the mouth of madness”, sometimes it feels like I’m Sam Neil at the end of the movie, watching what is happening all around us, on the big screen.

BTW - I think that movie has some of his best acting. If you have not seen it, do so! Great John Carpenter movie (I thought at least)

Sam Neil. What a great New Zealander. I shall check it out.

Another thing I have noticed, it is near impossible to get any band merchandise lately. I am trying to extend my Metal t-shirt collection but every band I want to buy is sold out. Very frustrating.

P.S. my t-shirt collection is fucking huge, I have now two drawers dedicated to it so I don’t really need these extras, but I do if you know what I mean?

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US has mid-term elections in Nov, need to prep for the next Apocalypse.

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