Commandline youtube search and play utility written in bash

A nice little bash script to search then play youtube videos or set it to a keybind and use it with Rofi, you’ll need fzf(fuzzy finder installed) or Rofi plus mpv to play them videos. It can also handle playlists. Great little tool, I love it.

Reddit thread with video preview/demo.

Github link.

Great finding, i will try to change to vlc and not mvp.
I think it is n the script. or may be move to the simpliest ffmpeg for less dependencies.

I’ve never used ffmpeg on its own, what kind of controls do you have with it while playing?

Thanks for sharing my script. Glad you like it.


Welcome to the forums @sayan :wave:


Nice work in there @sayan @drLobes

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Well as you can see, its not only me who likes it :grin: This morning I saw Mental Outlaw’s latest youtube clip and there he is recommending it also. Nice work, and welcome to this board!

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yeah just saw that few hours ago. to be honest I just hacked it together because this is something I always wanted to be a thing (yt search but without needing API) and finally decided to make it myself. Cant say its free of bugs but hey it works so it works :joy:. Really surprised and happy to see that so many people (and kenny) find it practical and useful.