Command not found: al-info


hello good community I found this error after the update but some more between trying to arrange leave more the shit.

I do not have much experience even in arch linux only in common linux so I do not know what happened as it started with the command not found: al-info and now it does not start me or the polybar
I need help

I’m taking archey3 to see larch linux
The al-polybar-session does not work either

Hello, you’ll need to run the following (as root)

# this helps avoid upgrade conflicts with old installs
rm -rf /etc/skel

# update the packages
pacman -Syyu

# install 
pacman -S archlabs-polybar archlabs-scripts

If you experience further issues while running the above (file exists, etc.) you can safely rm the conflicting files like I did for /etc/skel above and continue the upgrade.



Did you mange to try natemaia’s post out, @blancos?

I’ve tried this solution and it actually works, restoring polybar and conky, although the launcher still don’t work.

Sorry, my bad, the launcher is working perfectly, the keyboard shortcut just disappeared.

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You’ll need to install ksuperkey from the Arch repos

sudo pacman -S ksuperkey

as the i3 config calls that software but the new AL doesn’t have it by default (or something).

Thx @natemaia , that did the trick, just upgrading my AL install to 2018-12

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