Command line rofi

This is likely an easy one. I have this command line rofi theme I have it set at location 0 (centre) but want to offset it slightly, so its about 75% up the screen, is there a y offset option?
I’ve tried to guess my way through it but so far no luck.

there is a rofi.yoffset option in the .rasi theme format but its not working for my primitive method.

Cheers annd beers.

Solved. Thanks to this link:


Glad that you figured it all by yourself in there. Thx for the link, might be usefull to other members in here.

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Turns out I almost had it correct by guess work but the placement of the yoffset arguement was wrong. It has to go after location otherwise it doesnt work - at least not for me.

Sometimes it s the little details that makes or breaks it.

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