Command line - How to install wps office via terminal?

Hello there,

So trying to find cmd line for wps office, been trying with

sudo snap install wps-office

as said on their own page, but only getting command not found. Any other suggestions?

Have you searched the AUR? It’s there.

baph -s wps office

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What is AUR?

tried the cmd got the same

zsh: comman not found

I’ll play along for now.

Are you using ArchLabs?

Yes, but only had it for two weeks.
baby steps - sorry for stupido questions…

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Then the baph command should work.

baph -s wps office

Then choose your selection.


Might be an issue with your $PATH.

Try using full path to baph:

/usr/bin/baph -s wps-office

Pretty sure that is it, might be /usr/local/bin.

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You’re likely running an older version in which the script these fellows are directing you to use is not included, to fix this do the following in a terminal

sudo -i
curl -fsSL '' > /usr/bin/baph
chmod +x /usr/bin/baph

Now using baph with the -s flag (search) for wps-office should work, or just install it directly with the -i flag (install)

baph -i wps-office

Lemme know if you have any issues with my instructions,



Hey there,

Sorry for replying so late.

I just found another solution, getting Libre Office instead.
sudo pacman -S libreoffice
just worked right away