Collection of Tint2 executors



Yawn… Welcome to hell the office…


Maybe this will give some ideas:

Package installer

I’m still reading up on this void distro. It’s almost like a BSD distro, but not.


Yes, this wiki, together with this one are my schedule for this weekend. Scripts needed some modification, too, but it’s already done.


The original developer (the one that vanished, I think) was a NetBSD developer when he developed the xbps package manager.


They did a good job. @LionessAlana would be jealous of the number of packages. :wink:


Gee, 585 packs , my BL install s bloat with @ 1036 , been removing some real quick, guess I have some work to do !lol


That’s true. But, I’m guessing, if she can find a way… :grin:


Won’t be much more. I’ve already installed almost everything I need here. Alright, PyCharm doesn’t count, as I always install it manually, not as a package.


Pretty impressive @nwg


Actually I don’t care much of numbers. On my main machine I keep installed everything I need to test my stuff, e.g. 3 IDEs, 4 various AUR helpers, and even GNOME, which I haven’t launched for months. One day the Augean stables will be cleaned up.



lol, one extreme to the other so to speak !


@nwg Heyy, no fair, Void is cheating :joy:


lol, you bet @LionessAlana


t2ec 1.0-3: wrong battery full icon path fixed.


@PackRat A few days ago I praised the Xbps-src docs, as it turns out - too early. It gave me a real headache. After long martyrdom I managed to build the psuinfo package. I’d be grateful if you had a look at it. Of course I’ve not yet submitted it to repos.


Can’t get xbps-install or xbps-query to recognize your package. Not sure I’m using the local repository correctly though. Never used one before.


Having xtools installed, I just used the xi psuinfo command, as they advice in Xbps-src Wiki. Maybe I should setup a clean testing environment on VM…

Generally on Void things go well as long, as they go well. When something breaks, you realize there’s hardly any help on the web. Yesterday I wasted hours on the “SHA256 hash is not valid: Numerical result out of range” error, and Google offered exactly 0 search results. Finally I found a solution, searching void-packages on GitHub. :smiley:


I tried the xtools as well; wouldn’t install. Looked like the package was assembled correctly.

You have to become a registered user of freenode, but once you do that, you can log into their irc channel and talk to the developers. That’s where they hang out.


Haha! I’m on the web since 1999, but never ever used IRC. Maybe I should try before I die. :wink:


Hmmm, looks well to me: