Collection of Tint2 executors


Did you actually make packages for them?


I started installing Void for the first time in my life tonight at 1:20 am. :rofl: So far I have no idea what Void packages look like. Just copied files manually to their places.


Update: it’s described in much more user-friendly way than PKGBUILD.


Wow, looks great @nwg

Edit: Late experiments !


Into the void you go! @nwg I’ll let you be the guinea pig, could you let us know how void goes?


So far so good. :slight_smile: Anyway, it’s the first non-arch Linux which deserves some place on a disk on a physical machine since I gave up on Ubuntu.


Looks good to me ! Keep it on @nwg


Yeah, I have Linux Mint 19 on mine as well as Arch and Archlabs. Just wondering about void, it looks interesting. Is it Debian based since you said it wasn’t Arch based?


Nope. Void is Void. Take a look at their website.


Looks like their forum s down sadly.


Well, possibly I could live without AUR, but never w/o a forum! :wink:


You bet @nwg ! lol


Void never had an official forum. That was a user hosted forum and the guy didn’t have the resources to continue with it. That reddit link is active and sort of a forum. The devs are all active on the irc channels - that has always been their preferred way to provide help.


Thx for the explanations & info @PackRat, knew that you were having a Void install( wonder if you still have it) , too bad about the ressources, also looks like a great distro . Wasn t aware about the reddit link.

Edit: must say they have a nice Advent going on their site.


Void is my daily driver - desktop and laptop.

Archlabs is installed on an older home built; I use it to store backups and seed torrents every now and again. As well as tinker with Arch or systemd.


Hey cool thx for the comeback.


One day we all will end up as Gentoo users. :wink:


Darn you @nwg! Now I am going to be at my computer for days, and my wife is going to complain that I spend too much time with my second wife! :joy: It’s all your fault! :joy:


I join you in pain. Just finished setting up dual boot ArchLabs + Void on my second machine. 3:13 am.


You’re as bad as I am. 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 am and I would be awake. Sometimes being a night owl…