Collection of Tint2 executors


psuinfo 1.0-1:

  • Trailing “.0” (which was always 0) removed from the temperature display (feature request);
  • 3 sample config files (psuinfo-bottom*.tint2rc) added.


Top job again.


The t2ec package published in AUR (thanks for votes!). Current sample commands map:


Upload the image to!


What’s the difference between uploading to and my own server?


Nothing other than has no issues with displaying issues :smiley:


It took me another 5 minutes of life! :rofl:


Nicee @nwg


Thanks to the suggestion and support by @malm, in t2ec 0.2-1 I added the very first, experimental jgmenu to the ‘’ script:


You need jgmenu (optional dependency) installed and initialized, and the t2ec --desktop menu command attached to e.g. left click.

This certain menu is being created on the fly, but adding t2ec --command menu <your_template> to each command is to be considered.


Nice work.

Any chance you could post your tint2rc, or add it it to the gh repo as an example.


how do you actually add one of these scripts? i dont see nay option to add them in the tint2 panel themes application


Install the scripts, then add and configure a tint2 executor for each one you want to use.:

panel_items = LTSBC defines the items tint2 will show and the order of those items. Each letter refers to an item, defined as:

L shows the Launcher

T shows the Taskbar

S shows the Systray (also called notification area)

B shows the Battery status

C shows the Clock

F adds an extensible spacer (freespace). You can specify more than one. Has no effect if T is also present. (since 0.12)

E adds an executor plugin. You can specify more than one. (since 0.12.4)

P adds a push button. You can specify more than one. (since 0.14)

: adds a separator. You can specify more than one. (since 0.13.0)


@nwg has some great examples on his wiki too.

I was just feeling lazy asking for his tint2rc


@malm I pushed what I use right now here: Not really educational, as it contains all my irrelevant stuff. I’ll make something better as soon as t2ec is more jgmenu-ready. If it comes to psuinfo, during installation it also adds 3 sample configs:


@InvisibleRasta - as sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, I added a commented screenshot from tint2conf here: (scroll to the bottom). The picture does not yet describe how to use jgmenus.


t2ec 0.2-3

The only 2 commands I wanted to have predefined jgmenus (–desktop and --update) ready to use:


Assign t2ec --desktop menu and t2ec --update menu to the left click event.

Edit ~/.t2ecol/ and ~/.t2ecol/ to customize menus (among others: define your terminal and AUR helper).

Other scripts in the t2ec package will only be given sample templates, for user to define them on their own.

Alright, it’s ready. Once executed, a command like t2ec --wifi menu will add the ~/.t2ecol/ template. Just go and edit the template according to your needs. In case you broke something, just delete the file, or even whole the ~/.t2ecol folder - it’ll be recreated.



Oh, nice work again @nwg


@./nwg - psuinfo works in tmux as well: :grin:


In text mode it should work anywhere, if user’s skilled enough. One day I should make a gallery of your screenshots.


I don’t really think someone here uses the t2ec --update command, still it’s one of my favorites. What I didn’t like was the icon missing while checking updates. I fixed this:

Since the command varies from the rest, I added some more info here.

[EDIT] 1.0-2 Requested change: “0” value no longer shown for no updates. Also 2 sample config files added.


Just installed psuinfo and t2ec scripts on Void. :slight_smile: