Collection of Tint2 executors


Your idea was great.

I’ve almost included it into psuinfo. I only need a new function to select icons, as this component will have 4 different ones, according to current ul/dl state. This must wait till my wife finishes watching “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. Damned TV is 2 m far from my desk. :smiley:


It took awhile to add the @PackRat 's idea to the command, since I had only expected one icon per component. For the network traffic icon to look well I needed 4 various .svg files. I think it was worth of effort. The component is called k for networ(k) traffic.

psuinfo -Ik

@PackRat - I also added spacing as in your modified command. Textual format looks like this:

psuinfo -Ck -N

psuinfo 0.0.7-1 already in AUR. Thanks in advance for your votes.


Man this is seriously incredible work. Wow! I’m blown away.


Great that you like it (me too). :slight_smile:

I think we’ve just squeezed out what’s possible from the psutil module. Actually I hope so, since the code is getting too long and complex as for just a Tint2 executor.

I’m running out of beer, but I’ll give a try to the browser you recommended before going to sleep.


It’s not just any executor!

Good luck with Surf!


All icons in the collection resized to 64x64 px, to be consistent with the psuinfo project.


psuinfo 0.0.7-2

(i) component to display current Wi-Fi name

-M<string> argument to give components custom names


EDIT: It seems I made a mistake. As the WiF(i) name component does not use the psutil module, it should have been added to the collection instead of the psuinfo command. I’ll remove it in 0.0.7-3, and add as a new script to the collection. Sorry for inconvenience.


As announced above: I added the script to the collection. The (i) component introduced last night to the psutil command will be removed, as non-psutil based.


~/tint2-executors/ for icon + network name
~/tint2-executors/ -N for default textual display
~/tint2-executors/ -M'My custom name:' to replace "Wi-Fi: " with you own label.



Gee, you never stop @nwg ! Great job again.


Out of boredom? :wink:

Actually 2 of 3 latest updates were requested. One day everyone will run out of ideas.


Hey cool .


I don’t know man, these executors are really coming along. When I get half a chance, I’m going to give all of them a go. Nice work and thank you for sharing :smile:


Done. Use instead. Picture in OP updated.


Gee, a machine ! lol Gotta stop for a little break.


No plans for new stuff at the moment. Probably I’ll make a package of my favourites not included in psuinfo, and then I’m unemployed. :smiley:


lol, good one @nwg


It seems I mentioned the idea somewhere above…

All my scripts, which base on the psutil module have been packaged as a single command of common syntax and published as psuinfo in AUR. There left a variety of more or less useful scripts, and a part of them is what I couldn’t live without. I thought to give them a PKGBUILD file, and a common command:

t2ec --script [argument]

Example: t2ec --volume up

The installation process should perform following actions:

  1. install necessary dependencies, propose optional dependencies
  2. copy the t2ec command to /usr/bin
  3. copy the scripts to /usr/lib/t2ec
  4. copy all icons to /usr/share/t2ec

The selection I’m currently thinking about:

This should simplify as well installation, as usage in Tint2 executors. Let me know what you think.


Wow, nice details in there @nwg


As said above, to simplify installation and usage of the scripts I like most, I thought to give them a PKGBUILD file, and a common command:

t2ec --script [argument]


t2ec --volume - to draw the volume icon + current volume level

t2ec --volume -N - to print "Vol: " + current volume level

t2ec --volume [up] | [down] | [toggle] | [level] - to use as mouse event commands

Together with the psuinfo package, all the most useful scripts (except for at the moment) are now unified and given common syntax:

The package is in beta, and not yet published. You may find PKGBUILD, testing package and more info here.


Nice, & nicely detailed also, keep it on @nwg