Collection of Tint2 executors


Top job @nwg . Keep it on mate.


If so, let me ask a question:

The psutil module is cool enough to keep me busy for next few weeks. However, I don’t expect users to go and git pull three times a day to check if I’ve already added new features. I thought that the script could be turned into a system-wide command (of some more general name), and published in AUR. Surely it may be used not in Tint2 executors only. What do you think?


Well depends on people if time permits,

Guess that there s people that love to mod either Openbox & Tint2 , not mainstream but I think that you can try to publish your modules, never know.

Edit: some members here would be much better to answer your question(s) if they happen to be on the forum.


Not sure this is the sort of project that would get added to the AUR - you would have to read their guidelines for submitting a package.

You could always start a thread in the Community Contributions though. I’ve haven’t attempted it, but I assume these scripts will work with conky as well as tint2.


Well, having 4 own packages in AUR, I think I’m quite familiar with the guidelines and packaging rules. This would be yet another CLI command, which might also be used in Tint2 executor, or elsewhere. Have you ever seen the content of the optimprime AUR package?


vblank_mode=0 primusrun "$@"

That’s all.

And, to be honest, I doubt that I will post to the Arch forums ever again.

What I meant, asking the question, was usability.


@./nwg, I would still post the modification notices on this forum, may be once a week. Unless the modification is a major one, then post right away. I would also suggest pushing mods to git, for the purpose of letting those who are not on this forum know about your creations. Just a thought…


Good idea in there @sevenday4 . Either Bitbucket or GitLab would be my choice…


@sevenday4, @altman - guys, please


Nice work @nwg . Gee you never stop tweaking ! lol


I don’t blame you for not wanting to post in arch forums and I know the pain. I’m still evaluating the usability. So far I have not seen anything that causes any concerns. I’m still learning the ins and outs of the Tint2 executors. But so far I can see the usability of the functions that I have played with. Being able to see what your system is doing at any given time is always useful, especially if there’s an issue with your box when running certain apps and problems shows themselves. Also how the resources are behaving when certain tasks are being implemented. I’m saying, keep it up. Post it in bitbucket or/and github and keep the forum up to date on its progress and improvements.


Thanks for taking a closer look. The only thing I still don’t understand is:

If you managed to install this stuff, you must had cloned the GitHub project. There’s no other way at the moment. What else could I do?


I guess bitbucket may be your only option. Will have to look up how to upload your projects.


Most definitely usable; I did a quick check a while back and tint2 with a couple of executors used less resources than tint2 panel and conky.


Could you please explain if / why you want me to move the project from GitHub to Bitbucket? I store some stuff on Bitbucket, but what’s opensource - goes to GitHub.


Great. I’ve never really started using Conky, since it’s always covered with several windows, if only I’m doing something else than just polishing my desktop. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought that you were having a hard time uploading to github. The AL components was cloned from github to bitbucket, a little while ago. This link will explain the move:

Move to bitbucket


Good to have it clarified. :slight_smile:

I used to consider moving out from GitHub, but it seems I’m too lazy. Moreover - PyCharm, Idea and Android Studio have soooooo comfortable GitHub plugins.


I know, but what can one do? And I don’t know if bitbucket has those plugins. But since Microsoft now has a major share of github, it makes things dicey. The only thing that I can think of at the moment is clone from github to bitbucket after each project. And yes, it is a pain in the arse!


Alright, it seems I’ve just finished adding what’s useful in psutil to the script. And it didn’t take weeks. 11 components available, some of them in two variants, shorter and longer. Today’s additions: swap memory usage, disks usage, uptime.

Command: python ~/tint2-executors/ [-C{components}] [-F] [-T] [-N]

-C argument defines Components:
    g - (g)raphical CPU load bar
    p - (p)ercentage for each core (text)
    a - (a)verage CPU load (text)
    q - fre(q)ency for each thread
    Q - fre(Q)ency for each thread/max frequency
    s - current CPU (s)peed
    S - current/max CPU (S)peed
    t - CPU (t)emperature
    f - (f)an speed
    m - (m)emory in use
    M - (M)emory in use/total
    w - s(w)ap memory in use
    W - s(W)ap memory in use/total
    d - (d)rives usage in %
    D - (D)rives used/total
    u - (u)ptime HH:MM
    U - (U)ptime HH:MM:SS

-F - use Fahrenheit instead of ℃
-N - display field names (except for (g)raphical CPU load bar)
-T - test execution time

Sample Tint2 executor currently on my machine uses arguments: -CgStfMDu -N:


Could be possibly added to the ArchLabs Repo. @natemaia, what’s your thoughts on this?