Collection of Tint2 executors



I am not intervening in this conversation, but I am following it with interest. A great job @nwg!! :muscle::muscle:


Thanks! :slight_smile:

By the way: I moved t2ec scripts to a separate GitHub repo, and cleaned up all the mess, to comply to strict standards required by the Void guys. Submitting psuinfo to their repo was a hell, but I learnt quite a lot. @PackRat


Glad it worked out on the end, worked allot right @nwg


Alright, I added the weather script to the t2ec package and optimized PKGBUILD. It should build the package much faster now. The 1.1-1 version already in AUR. Since the weather script needs some configuration (at least your API key and city ID), please take a look at the description.


Top work again @nwg


A vulnerability which may cause crashes on some type of data received from openweather found and fixed. Will get to the AUR package tonight. Already in AUR.


You don’t waste any time @nwg! Good work.


Life is too short. :slight_smile:





You work too hard @nwg ! lol


You are getting lost into the Void, aren’t you @nwg? :laughing:


Now where is my Black Sabbath Master of Reality CD. Need to play Into the Void, :slight_smile:


@sevenday4, @Chris Saying so would be an exaggeration. :smiley:


I would at present post the adjustment sees on this discussion, might be previously seven days. Except if the change is a noteworthy one, at that point post immediately. I would likewise propose driving mods to git, to let the individuals who are not on this discussion think about your manifestations. Only an idea


Don’t forget Vol. 4!


@anon89148481 All the changes are being immediately announced on GitHub. However, I’ve only received one pull request and a single feature request so far. All the rest of valuable feedback comes from this forum.


Top job again @nwg . Keep it on.



t2ec --update for Void (in development):



Top work again @nwg . Wonder where you re taking these ideas at !


As soon as I end up in hell, my only occupation will be submitting stuff to void-packages. I needed to fix a bug in the initial commit, and add the t2ec --update script in the Void version by the way. It’s either impossible, or (most probably) too difficult to me. I had to close the old PR and open a new one.

Sample setup in the Void version may look like this (I forgot to add t2ec --wifi while taking screenshots):


or textually: