Collection of Tint2 executors



It works. However, submitting Void packages is much (MUCH) more difficult than doing the same to AUR. Let’s wait and see if they approve.


Well if they don’t, you can always come back here. Besides, you’re not finished here, you have that weather executor to do. I have a big project with conky. :grin:


I didn’t go anywhere :slight_smile:

Just started. When finished, it should tell me when the damned snow is going to stop falling.


Maybe I’m about to make another overkill, but parsing all the stuff returned in JSON allows to display more than just an icon and one word long description. This will take some time, however.


Yes, I know you never left. Just don’t want to see you fall into the Void and never be heard from again. :joy:
I’m trying to use openweathermap for this conky project. It would be much simpler to use weather underground but since they don’t have free API keys…
You’re getting too much snow, and we’re not getting enough. This is a crazy year…


No worries. :slight_smile:

There’s a free plan. “Current weather and forecasts” gives you 60 free calls per minute, which is much more than enough.


Yes I know about weathermapbox has free API keys, which is why I’m using this instead of paying for it. If this was a business venture, than yes, I would pay for one. But I have to modify the scripts that used weatherunderground to use weathermapbox. But I guess that will keep my scripting skills sharp.


@sevenday4 Basic weather components to choose from are ready:

More info will only be accessible on click, as a notification.


Nice work again @nwg


That’s what the basic (not customized) output looks like at the moment:


edskeye promised to draw icons. Temporarily I used default ones from

In case someone preferred text:



Many thanks for your work !! :ok_hand::+1::+1::+1:


Also to anyone, who gives me occupation for long, winter nights. :smiley:





Excellent! Just give me time I’ll find some other project for you to try your hand at. There are few weather icons out there in case things don’t come to fruition.


No need to search, edskeye’s already finished drawing, exellent as usually. A small teaser:

Short display + details as a notification:

Even shorter application by edskeye, in a separate tint2 instance:

Text with more details:


Top job again @nwg . Gee you never stop ! lol


Installed without issue.


Thanks! I’ve not yet tried, being busy with t2ec --weather.


Looking pretty good so far @nwg!


If none bugs found, it’ll get to AUR tonight. In case you wanted to find own bugs:

# Maintainer: Piotr Miller <>
pkgdesc="Scripts to display info icons and controls in Tint2 or other panels"
depends=('python' 'acpi' 'xorg-xbacklight' 'alsa-utils' 'wireless_tools' 'wget')
optdepends=('light: for machines not handling xbacklight'
	    'rof-git: for running mouse events commands as single instances'
	    'zenity: for volume and brightness slider box')



package() {
  install -D -t "$pkgdir"/usr/lib/"$pkgname" "$pkgname"-"$pkgver"-"$pkgrel"/scripts-arch/*.sh
  install -D -t "$pkgdir"/usr/lib/"$pkgname" "$pkgname"-"$pkgver"-"$pkgrel"/scripts-arch/*.py
  install -D -t "$pkgdir"/usr/bin "$pkgname"-"$pkgver"-"$pkgrel"/scripts-arch/t2ec
  install -D -t "$pkgdir"/usr/share/"$pkgname" "$pkgname"-"$pkgver"-"$pkgrel"/images/*.svg
  install -D -t "$pkgdir"/usr/share/tint2 "$pkgname"-"$pkgver"-"$pkgrel"/configs-arch/*.tint2rc