Collection of Tint2 executors



/etc/X11/xorg.conf kills my Optimus laptop as well on Arch as on Void. On the latter I couldn’t even log in to console. :slight_smile:


What nvidia card is on board?


Intel + GeForce 930M. But not the hardware is my problem. Having installed ArchLabs on this machine, I added Nvidia proprietary driver and Bumlebee in minutes, because I knew which packages to remove (Nouveau), which to add, and how to start the bumblebeed service. The problem is that I see no such info for Void anywhere on the web.


Apparently, Void doesn’t support nvidia cards? I was wondering if had used the right drivers, but of course you did. So, the only other recourse I can think of is to try and get a hold of the developers and ask them for a solution. Other than that, I don’t think there’s a solution, unless of course you code your own.


Drivers do exist, and install well, and so do bumblebee and bbswitch. Simply there’s no “howto setup Bumblebee on Void”. The Bumblebee project also doesn’t mention Void Linux. Also I was unable to uninstall nouveau. It said it would break some dependencies.


Have you contacted the developers on this? If the drivers and bumblebee has installed without issue, then something is preventing these packages to engage, which we both agree is obvious. Sounds like void is narrow in scope as is BSD. Seems like this distro is for those who need a distro that they don’t have to go too deep in configuring to get the job done.


No, that would be the last resort :smiley: There left some internet I’ve not yet searched. While building the psuinfo package for Void I came across the error which I was absolutely unable to find with Google. Finally I located the solution on their Github -> issues.

I don’t think I’ll ever make Void my daily driver, but it’s a good place to learn new things. For sure I’ll use this knowledge to optimize my AUR packages.


I can’t say that I blame you. And knowledge is always good. If I was to use anything other than an arch based distro, I would probably go back to Linux mint. Of course, I would have to suffer a serious head trauma for me to leave arch completely… :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


Bumblebee on Void Linux

The Wiki table contents for Void is always behind a bit; but the search function usually finds what you need.


Thanks! Dunno how the hell I overlooked it last night. Will try as soon as I’m back home.


And Void is in the process of converting the Wiki to a Void Handbook

Kind of drifting into “Other Distro” territory with this thread; but, then again, you started the thread.


Well, I’m packaging Tint2 executors for the other distro, but we’re still on topic. :wink:


Working on getting psuinfo into an FvwmScript:


Another great usage example. We all owe beer to the author of python.psutil. :slight_smile:


Would you mind if I added some of your screenshots to the project wiki?


No problem.


@PackRat If it comes to Bumblebee & wiki: it works… to some degree. Now my nvidia is still on. It’s not really important, and may wait a week or a month, till I have nothing better to do. At least I know that t2ec --bbswitch may stay in the Void t2ec package.

I set up the full xbps-src environment on my development machine, and it was the same way difficult as accessing AUR: damned ssh authorization, which I know hardly anything about. I was afraid to open a beer until I finished. :wink:


Great find @PackRat. When trying to understand a new distro always has a painful learning experience, until one day…



So you actually got the psuinfo to work in Void? Didn’t you have problems before? What changed?