Collection of Tint2 executors



I got the local repository working; psuinfo installed.


Thanks! I think I’ll make some final tuning, and try to submit the package.


My workshop on the main machine has just grown to triple boot. :slight_smile:


A fine selection I might add at that!


500 GB still unallocated. Ideas?


Welp - if you are into purism, might give Parabola a go. Otherwise a choice between Debian Unstable, NetBSD or OpenBSD.


Well, at the moment 3 systems is more than enough. I must admit I felt on a mine field while installing AL as the second system, as I was unable to skip the boot loader installation. Void has such the option, but AL seems not to. Thankfully Arch, together with all my projects since 2012, is placed on one, and the rest on another physical drive.


I’m kinda wondering if we should go with tint3. According to what I read, the code was cleaned up. Maybe this is a question for @natemaia. If we do change, your executors should work. At least it should…



I can not remember why I once gave up tint 3. Maybe it’s time to give it another try?


Alright, at least 2 reasons:

  1. 3 errors in PKGBUILD;
  2. No idea on how to add executors. It seems to handle just several built-in ones.

Furthermore: even markdown in is buggy. :slight_smile: No, thanks.


Well, I can’t blame you for being skeptical about trying executors with tint3. After thinking about it, they said that it was a step up when they cleaned up the code. Usually means that the flexibility to modify to your own needs are greatly diminished and very restrictive. That would be like me not to be able to use formulas to solve circuit design problems. :thinking:


Tint3? Is that actually a thing?


After a short investigation I think that the project was abandoned in very early alpha. I see no way to create executors. Even if I’m wrong, “tint3” is much too geeky to me. Not only does it have no config GUI. You also need to correct obvious mistakes in PKGBUILD to get it to install. The monitor variable set to default none value, which should monitor to render tint3 on (see xrandr). defaults to all monitors (whatever it means), displays the panel centered between primary and secondary display, a half on each one.




Sort of. Somebody forked tint2 a couple years back. Project didn’t get too far; git page is still up, last activity looks to be 2 years old.

I think hoas managed to compile it for Debian stable.


Yeah, I looked at it just now, and it’s all over the place. It’s pretty convoluted with enlarged footprint meaning more resources are being used. Talk about a huge step back!
Now, I don’t remember anywhere in this post about a weather executors, but is it possible to have a simple temp (F and C config) with weather icon for conditions? Just a thought… :thinking:


I remember @Dobbie03 's post at Bunsenlabs (#7). I didn’t miss the weather display on my panel, but it surely could be added to the package if someone was interested.


Interested!!! Especially, with the weather we’re having in my neck of the woods. High winds with 50 mph (80.467 k/hr) gusts… :open_mouth:


Order accepted. :wink: Actually this should either be internationalized, or at least given a possibility to customize string for other languages. Maybe I should re-write it in Python? I’ll take a closer look this weekend.


@PackRat - have you ever managed to install proprietary Nvidia drivers and Bumblebee on Void? I’ve been trying for two hours with no success. The wiki I found sucks. :confused:


I used that Wiki entry for Nvidia no problems. Never had to deal with bumblebee.