Collection of Tint2 executors

Nice details there @nwg

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Once again I confirm troubles while updating the psuinfo package with aurman. It seems to see old content of PKGBUILD, which results in error on md5sums check. Trizen had no problems, updated 0.0.2-1 to 0.0.3-1 instantly. Has anyone experienced similar issues while updating other AUR packages with aurman?

psuinfo 0.0.3-2:

-S<string> argument for custom separators (use ' | ' to include spaces)

A few times a couple of months back, but since then I have moved to yay as my AUR helper.

Isn’t aurman default in ArchLabs?

Only for 2018.07. The maintainer is no longer accepting bug reports etc.

Come the next release we won’t be adding any AUR helpers. Too many to choose from so let the user decide which one they want rather than us decide for them :smiley:

For context:

Now that’s the true arch spirit! :sweat_smile:

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LOL Sort of though our install script goes against all they stand for! :smiley:

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Yes, I know the aurman problem. Actually I’d never used it before I installed AL. :wink:

To beginners it may be a challenge to install their first AUR helper.

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I guess a little tutorial may be in order on how to setup AUR helpers. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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You bet @sevenday4

In the next release you should be able to just

baph -i <your favorite aur helper>

For those who don’t use them much, the included one might suffice.

That should be great @natemaia .

@natemaia wasn’t there an issue with baph or is that issue resolved?

I need better icons. Did anyone miss icons in psuinfo at all?

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Not really our target market :slight_smile:

Though come release time I will give a rundown on the announcement on how to install one or better yet, they can use baph!! :smiley:

As announced yesterday, I added the -I<component> argument to psuinfo. It allows to display icons. Just one pair icon-text may be displayed in a single executors, so you’ll be unable to use a single, combined command for all information you need. Create as many executors, as you need, give them reasonable intervals. The line below consists of 7 executors, using commands: psuinfo -Cg , psuinfo -Ia , psuinfo -It , psuinfo -If , psuinfo -IM , psuinfo -In and psuinfo -Iu:

More details in

I’ve also added optional -l argument to volume, brightness and battery icon in the collection. It turns on displaying levels as text next to icons:



Great job there @nwg . Keep it on.

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psuinfo 0.0.5-1

-W<number> argument added. Allows to select 0 to n-th element from multiple output

W stands for Which. Use together with -I<component> for drives / mountpoints, to avoid seeing uninteresting info, as e.g. boot or efi partition.

The line below consists of 8 executors, using commands: psuinfo -Cg , psuinfo -Ia , psuinfo -It , psuinfo -If , psuinfo -IM , psuinfo -In -W0, psuinfo -In -W1 and psuinfo -Iu:



Text next to icons added to, and