Collection #1 - major data breach

I strongly recommend reading through this:
The 773 Million Record “Collection #1” Data Breach -

Check your email addresses/passwords on and think about adapting your password habits, if neccessary.

I am astounded anew everytime I read something like that - those leaks are on such an incredible scale…


Well… , another good news , thx for sharing @xsme

Edit: glad to know 2 of my email accounts are ok.

Yes, thanks for this, some of my family emails were pwned, which was a shock.

Thanks for sharing, so far I’m safe :slight_smile:

@xsme Thanks man.

I’m safe, so far :+1:

Would be nice if they included sites where there was a breach - I may have missed that but…

I’ve been spwnd with bot of my accounts. WTH!

Wholy crap, that sux mate.

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Will have to change a few things. Probally transfer important emails to different account…

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Bet that s the way to go.

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