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Collaboration Time

So a week or so back I made a “thinking out loud” thread at the Endeavour OS forum about how I would love to see smaller distros like ourselves collaborate together to better each other. The idea has caught on and is starting to get some momentum.

This morning I have been on Telegram talking with mrgreen from ArchBang, Joe and Bryan from Endeavour OS about what direction to take, what we all want to get out of any collaborative work and so on. I hope to get hold of Josiah from Revenge OS and see if he is wanting to be involved.

My understanding of it all is that basically, we work together on problems, technical issues, in-depth testing etc that will eventually make each of our distributions stronger and more polished.

We are literally at the first day of our discussions so please don’t expect anything overnight but I intend to keep this thread updated with the ongoing topics.

Like I have said in my wishlist (which I am yet to share), even if nothing comes of this on a technical side, at least we make some friends along the way and strengthen our communities further.

Any requests, involvement, ideas are welcome.


Fingers crossed. Even if I think it’s going to be difficult.

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There are going to be plenty of roadblocks to cross. Luckily none of us have any ego issues :smiley: so that is one less thing to deal with.

If we do this right it will be I think a really good move.


Hopefully it can be worked out !

Would ve loads of knowledges coming out of this collab.

What a wonderful notion. Sharing, helping, learning… the essence of being “open”.
[shameless plug]I have some 40 years experience in helping technical groups collaborate… should you want help/ ideas in that realm. [/shameless plug]

That would be great to see that collaboration effort becoming a real thing.

You are more than welcome. Just give us time to get some proper plans in place and we will then put out the call.

@Brid0uz totally agree. It needs to happen more often in the Open Source world.

Yep , looks like it s only a name sometimes. ( In the Open Source world I meant)

Anyways, bookmarked on my side.

You won already


I hope so. :smiley:

Such a great initiative and vision

Certainly, speaking for myself as a new member here, identify us as a distro and community is very important, as mentioned before, make new friends and promote what makes us better is gonna be key on factor.

Due to the naming ( arch, achlabs, archbang etc ) new users might be confused or even frightened by experience they had with other communities and distros,
It is imperative to share what we do best and reflect on what we don’t,

My experience so far its been just great on the “community” side of things, and this is what i share with peers that might be inserted on a transition to archlabs or even further collaboration

Count me in ( such a long reply :stuck_out_tongue: )

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What an amazing idea, brilliant work Dobbie!

Let me know what you need doing and I’ll try to help as best I can.


Thanks Guys, I can’t say it was all my idea. I initially wanted us to all produce a release but talking with the guys we worked out that contributing and helping each other would be the best way forward.


I see a lot of charm in that approach. There are many things about the distros that I like. Merged they could prove awesome.

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I am excited about this as well.

We are all part of Arch family. EndeavourOS, ArchLabs, ArchBang and all other Arch-based distros belong to the same family. Manjaro is our cousin brother though :wink:

I love all Linux distros. Love Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, Fedora, Opensuse, Solus and everything. There’s something I like in every distro and appreciate each one of them for what they are.

Love and respect to the developers and contributors of all distros. :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter:

Some extra love for Arch :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :love_letter: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :kiss: :heart: :love_letter: :revolving_hearts: :cupid: :gift_heart: :sparkling_heart: :heartpulse: :heartbeat: :pray: :muscle: :+1:


A beautiful thing.
I hope everything goes well, and without arguments or hitches.
As is always said, union is strength.
Thanks Dobbie03 even if there will be no work, and always a nice thing to deal with your experiences.

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well. good job.