Coding a game in Python: beta version in AUR


Beer must ve helped right ! lol

Good job @nwg

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Sometimes it does.


lol, good one in there.


I do love this syntax in Python:


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Coding night 16 - scores

My daughter told me that the game w/o competition (either against the others, or previous own results) won’t be sexy. My wife said that daughter was right. So I had to add tonnes of unexpected code. The criteria will be: how many moves you needed to clear the board on each level. Work in progress.

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Coding night 17 - player and scores

Once level completed, the result is being saved as a pickle to ~/.config/puzzle/player.pkl. Same file also stores player’s name and password - for future use. The game at start selects the first not yet accomplished level.

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Please, help with the title!

No matter how stupid it looks, I can not move the source to GitHub, having no game title (which would also be the project name). Could anybody help, please?


Nice work in there.


Coding night 18

After many experiments, I gave up on animating the game cells at all. Any animation makes playing very difficult, and impossible at higher levels. I decided on pure geometric shapes inside colorful, rounded squares.

As the board graphics has been simplified, it may be easily changed, by just replacing a single image.


I did a massive code cleanup, and it could be published on GitHub any moment. Unfortunately I still have no idea on the game title, which should also be the project name…

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Looking good.


Coding night 19

Panel buttons redesigned. Intro under construction. :wink:

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Getting there @nwg


Coding night 20 - saving state, more FX

I’ve re-written the part of code which saves the progress. Also added several classes to take care of FX on start and between levels. Animations and sounds themselves are still temporary.

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Hard at work again ! Day 20, that s something.


A similar code took me about 2 months previously. And I didn’t have to draw images, which takes me a lot of time. :confused:


wow, too much for me ! lol


Coding night 21 - GitHub

Finally I came up with a more or less stupid name, added an intro animation and published the code in its current state on GitHub.

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Nicee, you work too hard ! lol


LOL, I wonder what to do on Friday evening. Probably writing soundtracks goes best with beer. :wink:


lol, some stuff gets better qith beer I guess.