Clover OS

Wow, super easy way to install Gentoo, took about 5 minutes from boot to installed on the Craptop.


Excuse me Sir, you have a Craptop? :rofl:

Yes I do, made by Hewlett Crapard. lol


I have never really used Gentoo before and I am really liking it.

To gain knowledge, everything is valid, thanks for the information! :+1:

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Calling Clover OS, “Gentoo,” that just doesn’t sit well with me.

You know I was looking at their website this past Sunday and turned back after seeing the dead page links in their header and what appeared to be a haphazard collection of info.

It uses FVWM/dhcpcd/wpa_supplicant by default and gives you the option to install and load any DE/WM on boot via ~/.bash_profile

Are you using the FVWM? Does it use a CLI or GUI installer?

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I used Plasma. The installer is not really an installer like what we are used to, basically you choose where to install, auto or manual partitioning, user name and passwords. 2-3 mins later you have a Gentoo install.

I have to admit their website is a mess but the distro itself is quite nice.


Do they offer binary packages ( like they do in Redcore Linux ) or every package has to compiled from source as in Gentoo?

Gee their forum is over taken by spammers. :dizzy_face:

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Yep, a plague sadly .

Doesn’t everyone?