Clover OS

Wow, super easy way to install Gentoo, took about 5 minutes from boot to installed on the Craptop.


Excuse me Sir, you have a Craptop? :rofl:

Yes I do, made by Hewlett Crapard. lol


I have never really used Gentoo before and I am really liking it.

To gain knowledge, everything is valid, thanks for the information! :+1:

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Calling Clover OS, “Gentoo,” that just doesn’t sit well with me.

You know I was looking at their website this past Sunday and turned back after seeing the dead page links in their header and what appeared to be a haphazard collection of info.

It uses FVWM/dhcpcd/wpa_supplicant by default and gives you the option to install and load any DE/WM on boot via ~/.bash_profile

Are you using the FVWM? Does it use a CLI or GUI installer?

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I used Plasma. The installer is not really an installer like what we are used to, basically you choose where to install, auto or manual partitioning, user name and passwords. 2-3 mins later you have a Gentoo install.

I have to admit their website is a mess but the distro itself is quite nice.


Do they offer binary packages ( like they do in Redcore Linux ) or every package has to compiled from source as in Gentoo?

Gee their forum is over taken by spammers. :dizzy_face:

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Yep, a plague sadly .

Doesn’t everyone?

Yes they do have a repo with binary packages but you can always switch to source, so lets say if tomorrow Clover repos disappear you can just switch to source packages and continue to have a Gentoo install because thas what CloverOS is, a precompiled Gentoo install. I installed it a few days ago, its light and feels fast and I find FVWM very interesting.

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@drLobes thanks for your feedback , I will give it a try and if I need some help I will leave you a comment here

Just doing a Clover OS install. interested to see how it has improved since I last used it.


Its easy enough to install even for a noob like me, upgrading and installing apps also not complicated, I’ve only tested it for a couple of days but I want to install it again and try using it for longer, it seemed like fun. Can’t wait to hear from you, what do you find good and bad with it.

No news on the ticker since December and looks like Shitter wasnt a fan

I wonder what happened there?

No clue, and I was really almost going to maybe give that a try today, dang

Where is that distro based, Ireland? Twitter has hair trigger in banning these days.