Cloud Backups


Can you offer your experiences with Linode/Digital Ocean volumes or spaces (paid) … speed & reliability versus one of the free Nextcloud options?

I’ve experimented with a couple of the Nextcloud options but in my experience, the upload connection failure rate can be hit & miss.


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Never used any I d rather have a physical backup, but it s only my opinion, for what it s worth.

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Overall I hear very good things about Linode. I can’t speak to using the cloud for a backup, but I suspect any of the ones you mentioned should do well in most cases. I suspect that upload speeds are more on your provider (assuming you are wanting to use this from say, home).

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Bet that it would depend also on what you want to backup on the cloud.

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Nuffin but one’s and zero’s :wink:

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Thanks for the replies lads.

Will try out of the web browser, rather than webdav via file manager. Maybe it’s the webdav protocol.


I just saw this post.

I have been fiddling with this kind of solution for years.
I did set up Nextcloud and that worked great for 4-5 months until the updates started to “knock”. Everything broke and there was no comeback!
It was rather tiresome to set up so I looked for something else and found Yunohost.
Now I have a working Yunohost inside Virtualbox in Archlabs running Nextcloud.
I read that using Virtualbox should only be for testing but it works very well for me.
I use Nextcloud for work and sometimes I need alot of space. (working with music and film).


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Thanks @womp.

At the moment, I don’t have a need to self-host but I’ll absolutely take a look at what Yunohost has to offer.

Appreciate it!

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