Closing of ArchLabs G+ Page or New Owner(?)


For those of you who use the ArchLabs community page at Google+, I intend to close the page on Wednesday 22nd, 6pm NZ time.

If anyone wants to take over management you are more than welcome. Please message me if you want to do this.



I think this is a good idea. Better to have one focussed community instead of having it spread with half monitored/unofficial places. :slight_smile:


Yeah that was the logic behind it. I have wanted just one place for issues/discussion etc for a long time.


Well good news… I have finally bookmarked the forum! So should be a bit more active now :rofl:


haha at last! Good work.


About time @iDanoo,:joy::rofl::joy:


@Dobbie03, gee , never knew their was one G+ page ! well , these old farts, not much to do with them right ! lol

Not enough traffic in there I guess.


Probably a good move and probably motivation enough for me to shut down my g+ profile. ECL has given me the shits for a while now but Ive kept going so I can stay intouch with the AL page too.


I haven’t bothered with that shitbox community for a long time. It got overrun by the arco fanatics and no one else got a look in.

As soon as I get the word I am transferring ownership and shutting down my G+ Profile.


Yeah. Good plan. The arco spam was one major irritation but i have about 3 or 4 others which I might rant on about in a different thread.


LOL go for it.

On topic, anyone is welcome to take over the G+ community. First in, first served.


I completely forgot I had Rajat at the G+ as owner so who ever wants to get involved will be a co-owner with him.