Clone a systemc without cloning it

Hi all,
I take it the subject might be a bit missleading,

Whats your take on the following:

I would like to clone my system without cloning it.

I want to take all the config, dependencies, apps, tools, etc and be able to build a new install in reasonably fast time.
Where would you look on your system?
How would you approach it

Obviously I am up to a new installation. but more of a clean start

Take into consideration I am on Noob+ level :slight_smile:

First up, if you intend on reinstalling all the same applications, configs, etc. then why do a reinstall, you won’t gain anything outside of porting your setup to a new install (if that’s all you want then ignore this and read on).

It’s not incredibly hard to clean an existing installation if you’re ok to fix some minor breakages, the other approach (reinstalling) is the more standard means of doing this though.

Firstly I’d recommend using a dotfile manager which can make backing up and restoring files easier (shameless self plug dfm) or do it manually with [insert preffered method of file copying here].

Once you’ve got a backup of the things you intend to port to new installs then setting up said install is a matter of reversing the process or using the relevant flags of the dotfile manager to restore them from the new install.

Crucial - When creating configs that you intend to be used by multiple users you have to take care to not hard code anything.

To get all the same applications some people create a dumpfile for both official and AUR packages and store them with their dotfiles, I’ll show how to do this

# create dumps of current explicitly installed packages *(not deps)*
pacman -Qqne > official_pkgs
pacman -Qqme > aur_pkgs

# later to re-install said packages using the dumps
pacman -S $(< official_pkgs) --needed

[insert AUR helper here] [install flags] $(< aur_pkgs)
# eg. on a stock ArchLabs install we have baph, so you'd do
baph -inN $(< aur_pkgs)

Lemme know if you run into issues or something wasn’t clear,


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thanks , that all worked,
Never heard of dfm ( great tool ) do you have it on git as well ? open for contributions ?

Thank you!

That’s my failing, lots of useful stuff in my repos but I don’t do advertisement aside from times like this when I see a direct use case related to the issue so most of my stuff goes largely unused aside from myself.

The link I gave above is a git repo so yes, but perhaps you mean github?

Absolutely, if there’s something you feel is missing or some changes I’ll gladly take pull requests.

yeah meant github :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: i will def have a look on the code ! its a nice piece of software … !

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