Clickable Conky Using dzen2

Has anyone had success making dzconky work? I can’t make the conky link work… I’m just a slow learner, I guess.

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You mean the ArchWiki examples, or something different?

Post your conkyrc and other code if it’s something different.

I think a couple users in the BL conky thread are using conky and dozen. You might get a quicker response asking there.

I haven’t done anything with dzen2 in quite a while.

Yeah, I have never really ever used dzen2. @manyroads can you post your configs and I’ll take a look-see.

@PackRat @Dobbie03 I was just trying to follow the arch wiki example. I can get the dzen2 to launch from cli (on st). However… the following conky command does not work in any variation I create:

^ca(1,<path to your script>)Sysinfo^ca()

I have seen others (on reddit) with similar problems. I have yet to find anyone who has anything similar functioning. I guess I could use i3blocks instead of conky…

@manyroads talking with @mrgreen in Telegram, he seems to be encountering the same issues as you.

@Dobbie03 Thank you for checking this out. I am glad to hear that it is not just me… Although I am not averse to breaking things, I do like it better when they work. :wink:

This is about the last time I used a clickable area with conky and dzen2

Take a look at some of Nili’s screenshots. I think he has some clickable conky/dzen2 configurations. If you see something interesting, it may be worth a PM.

Here is the other clickable conky-dzen2 - and no, I do not have those configuration files any more; scroll down and there is a link to the menuxy file (dzen2 app menu) that is still good.

This is working. I didn’t do anything special:


conkyrc -

conky.config = {
	out_to_console = true,
	out_to_x = false,
	background = false,
	cpu_avg_samples = 2,
	net_avg_samples = 2,
	no_buffers = true,
	out_to_stderr = false,
	update_interval = 1.0,
	uppercase = false,
	use_spacer = 'none',

conky.text = [[
^ca(1,jgmenu_run)Menu^ca()   ^ca(1,xterm)Term^ca()   ^ca(1,subl3)Editor^ca()   ^ca(1,firefox)Web^ca()   ^ca(1,thunderbird)Mail^ca()   Uptime: ${uptime_short}   CPU:  ${cpu cpu0}%   Mem:  ${memperc}%   Net:  Up - ${upspeedf enp2s0} kb/s   Down - ${downspeedf enp2s0} kb/s   ${time %a %e %b  %k:%M}   ^ca(1,/home/doug/temp/ Info^ca()
]]; (pacman is commented out because I’m doing this on Void)


 #A simple popup showing system information

 HOST=$(uname -n)
 KERNEL=$(uname -r)
 UPTIME=$( uptime | sed 's/.* up //' | sed 's/[0-9]* us.*//' | sed 's/ day, /d /'\
          | sed 's/ days, /d /' | sed 's/:/h /' | sed 's/ min//'\
            |  sed 's/,/m/' | sed 's/  / /')
 PACKAGES=$(pacman -Q | wc -l)
 UPDATED=$(awk '/upgraded/ {line=$0;} END { $0=line; gsub(/[\[\]]/,"",$0); \
          printf "%s %s",$1,$2;}' /var/log/pacman.log)

 echo "System Information" # Fist line goes to title
 # The following lines go to slave window
 echo "Host: $HOST "
 echo "Kernel: $KERNEL"
 echo "Uptime: $UPTIME "
 # echo "Pacman: $PACKAGES packages"
 echo "Last updated on: $UPDATED"
 ) | dzen2 -p -x "500" -y "30" -w "220" -l "5" -sa 'l' -ta 'c'\
    -title-name 'popup_sysinfo' -e 'onstart=uncollapse;button1=exit;button3=exit'

 # "onstart=uncollapse" ensures that slave window is visible from start.
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Curious… I just tried running your script and get the following Error:

Error: Could not parse JSON (lexical error: invalid char in jason text.)


Syntax error somewhere?

Just the script fails or the entire conky?

Did you do a cut-and-paste for the script? I’ve had conky fail when I’ve done that; either a conky or a lua error. I suppose it could also cause a JSON error.

Try re-creating the script manually.

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I both typed a snippet (extract) of the bit I needed into my working script and also created an entirely new text only pasted version of your entire script.

I do all my work in geany, which I always found to be good at not bringing bizarre special characters along (free baggage). It seems weird…


Was trying to get conky panel working on my laptop, so far no real progress. I really just want a clock and possibly a indicator of what workspace/tag/desktop I am on.

In Openbox I did set margins in rc.xml to stop any open windows covering conky so it would work as a panel.

Going to test PackRats scripts to see if it works for me…

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For openbox you can use the:

own_window_type = panel

For what you need.

That first link in my first post has a clickable desktop indicator configuration that works with dzen2.

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background = false,
use_xft = true,
font = 'monospace:size=9',
xftalpha = 1,
update_interval = 1.0,
total_run_times = 0,
own_window = false,
own_window_transparent = false,
own_window_type = 'panel',
own_window_hints = 'undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager',
own_window_colour = 'black',
double_buffer = true,
minimum_height = 20,
maximum_width = 1024,
draw_shades = false,
draw_outline = false,
draw_borders = false,
draw_graph_borders = false,
default_color = 'white',
default_shade_color = '000000',
default_outline_color = 'd9d7d6',
alignment = 'top_right',
gap_x = 0,
gap_y = 0,
no_buffers = true,
uppercase = false,
cpu_avg_samples = 2,
override_utf8_locale = false,
color1 = '272C30',
color2 = '007300',

conky.text = [[
${color1}Stuff I want on screen  ${time %a %e %b  %k:%M}

This gives me a panel at top of screen, reduced margin to 15 in openbox. Going to change it a dark background then add in what I really need…

Thanks :wink:


Thanks Many
This looks interesting just wondering how the workspace numbers will work.

They work just the same Ctrl-Shift-#