CLI installer or Calamares or why not both?

No stress, take your time.

Is it possible to combine the too? Calamares for initial setup and it continues in ALI to install software WM’s or Desktops and fine tuning as usual? For beginners that would be the best. But ALI should remain as it is very good and stable.

EndeavourOS is forking Calamares in order to incorporate desktop selection. Please do not go down this road. Keep Archlabs Installer pure and untainted from the ever buggy Calamares. Offer that as an additional iso, but do not mess with the best darn installer for Arch.

Must every distro cater to that often mentioned, lowest common denominator simpleton of a new user and offer the most dumbed down installer on the face of the earth?

We don’t plan on it. We were experimenting with Calamares on my request only for me to remember why I don’t like it :smiley:

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I tried out the Endeavours 2020.5.8 installer. I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised by how smooth the installer went on my ‘new’ refurbished thinkpad and on a vm. On the thinkpad with the Nvidia graphics card I had absolutely zero problems encountered and also on the vm it worked on video as QXL. Quite polished with a curated list to help out the user while trying to be as close to Arch as possible.

My vote however goes only to the Archlabs CLI installer, it offers many many more combinations than the Calamares installer. It is what made Archlabs unique. As close to Arch as possible with some fringe benefits. But I would like to add this though after using the EndeavourOS installer maybe it might be better to try to match the reliability and stability of it. This request is a very tall order given the many many options available in Archlabs CLI not offered in EndevourOS installer. Not really my call to make on this one. But as a user who depends on the CLI installer it’s what I am looking for. I really think the CLI installer is what makes Archlabs head and shoulders above the rest out there.

I suppose with the CLI installer the options are endless as to what you want to add/remove. I’m guessing a little more limited with Calamares?

Not the right guy to answer this given I’m pretty much a n00b. Intuitively I would say so but Calamares between Manjaro and EndeavoursOS is different so I think it is pretty customizable if you are good at Python.