Chromebook => ArchLabs = Sucess?

I have watched a few tuts on this… There IS a way to change Chromebooks into Ubuntu/Mint laptops. Was just wondering if you had any experience with this ArchLabs distro…

I saw one where they installed Arch on it, but that wasn’t true Arch. Probably Antegros or something.

I’m looking at this chromebook:

It was said to be one of the best Chromebooks to transfer to Linux.

Anyone know anything about ArchLabs working on it?

I never had a chromebook but I’m pretty sure it should run “out of the box” (or inside your box, whatever).

If you’ll find someone succsessfully installed arch linux on it, chances are pretty good.

I did read this:

that sounds correct, but I’m not 100% sure…

If my Chromebook weren’t a 32-bit ARM, I’d probably try. My wife’s Acer with Celeron on board would be probably good enough, but I don’t even touch her best friend unless asked. :smiley: