Changing Terminal Opening Script

I’m wondering how I can change the neofetch-like script that runs whenever you open a terminal?

Change in what way?

If you don’t want it to run, you can comment out the al-info line in your ~/.zshrc (or ~/.bashrc).

If you want a different output, you would have to edit the al-info script itself; I don’t know if it supports command line options/flags like neofetch does.

That’s what i had been curious about; i had removed it from bashrc and zshrc; but it still shows.

If you saved the files after either removing or commenting out al-info, it should not show.

Hmm, I removed it from the very end of the file, and even rebooted; bit it still shows. It’s not in the file if I open it; so idk where it’s getting it from.

@mahfiles Your .zshrc should look roughly like this (ignore all the bold txt)


not running interactively then bail

[[ $- != i ]] && return

shell opts

setopt autocd
setopt completealiases
setopt histignorealldups
setopt histfindnodups
setopt incappendhistory
setopt sharehistory

colors in less (default PAGER in Arch)

export LESS_TERMCAP_mb=$’\E[01;31m’
export LESS_TERMCAP_md=$’\E[01;31m’
export LESS_TERMCAP_me=$’\E[0m’
export LESS_TERMCAP_se=$’\E[0m’
export LESS_TERMCAP_so=$’\E[01;44;33m’
export LESS_TERMCAP_ue=$’\E[0m’
export LESS_TERMCAP_us=$’\E[01;32m’

reload ~/.zshrc and compile to .zwc … ZDOTDIR see:

function zsrc() {
local cache=""
[[ -n $ZSH_CACHE_DIR ]] && cache=$ZSH_CACHE_DIR || cache="${ZDOTDIR:-$HOME}/.cache"
autoload -U compinit zrecompile
compinit -d “$cache/zcomp-$HOST”
for f in ${ZDOTDIR:-$HOME}/.zshrc “$cache/zcomp-$HOST”; do
zrecompile -p $f && command rm -f $f.zwc.old
source ${ZDOTDIR:-$HOME}/.zshrc
[[ ! -e ${ZDOTDIR:-$HOME}/.zshrc.zwc ]] && zsrc &>/dev/null


alias l=‘ls’
alias la=‘ls -A’
alias ll=‘ls -lA’
alias ls=‘ls --color=auto’
alias upd=‘sudo pacman -Syyu’
alias pac=‘sudo pacman --color auto’
alias merge=‘xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources’
alias grubup=‘sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg’
alias mirrors=‘sudo reflector --score 100 --fastest 25
–sort rate --save /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist --verbose’


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deleting it didn’t do anything, but commenting it out did. I have no idea why, but thanks!

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You’re welcome.

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