Changes to Forum Layout

I have made some changes to the header bar. Any issues please let me know know.

There are two themes to select from
Brand Header Light
Brand Header Dark.


No logo and title on the left side. They only appear in the post view, when scrolled down.

Is that the mobile site?

I’m in my bed with the Chromebook. :slight_smile:


Try it now.

ArchLabs Linux text appeared.

Are you getting the new header bar?


When I choose one of them, I’m ending up on “Graceful”.

Seems it started working.

Just saw it, real nice @Dobbie03

Nice addition @Dobbie03 Looks very slick.

I’m getting a new header on my mobile phone, but I can not get the dark theme. Doesn’t show up in the preferences page. I cannot find Brand Header Dark. On my desk top it’s fine.

If you need a colour scheme for your colour blindness let me know.

Never mind, got it working @Dobbie03, stupid Samsung, grumble… grumble🤨

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