Changed shells, cannot exit

Hey Guys,
With your help i recently changed my default OB shell from bash to zsh. All is well except is now cannot exit the usual way. I get a file not found I suspect there is something i need to add to the zsh file? Thx.

Maybe a PATH issue?

What version of ArchLabs do you have installed?

If you cd to your ~/bin directory in a terminal, can you run the command? is now called rofi_run.

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This would be from migrating configs from old installs, if/when you do this I suggest taking ~/bin with you, this way some configs relying on others won’t be an issue as they’ll be self contained.

There’s a reason they aren’t in /usr/bin and instead are user owned and editable.

Much thanks @Arcandres and @natemaia! This does seem to be the issue, rather than switching shells. I overwrote the default polybar and menu with my own configs. Now i know to redo these and include ~/bin in future installs.
I was able to fix the issue by changing to rofi_run at the last Exit part of my menu.xml.

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