Change the default terminal (solved)

How can I change the terminal by default?
Currently I have Termite default and I would like to change it for xst, but I can not find how to do it, I use i3wm.

As always thank you very much

By default terminal, you mean the one you launch through CTRL+T (or CTRL + Enter if you use the classic i3 config) ?

If so, you can change that by editing your i3 .config file (mine is at .config/i3/config) and change the line that launch your terminal by whatever you want.

For instance, mine looks like that :

bindsym $Mod+Return exec termite

edit: if you mean the shortcut like TerminalEmulator, WebBrowser of FileManager, I can’t help you :frowning:

If I refer to TerminalEmulator.
Thank you.

There should be “Preferred Applications” on the menu somewhere. That will launch the preferred applications dialog. Or


in a terminal.

You can select all your preferred applications from that dialog. All the ‘exo-open --launch’ keybindings will default to your selections.

Ok, when I get home I try it.
Thank you.

It does not work, if I try to open the terminal from jgmenu or from thunar I keep opening termite.
Thank you.

If you do what @PackRat mentionned above in terminal, what do you get @yoli

Are those custom actions hard coded to termite?

I believe the default jgmenurc has termite on the “terminal_exec” line by default.

Well after a couple of reboots has been fixed and it works.
Thank you so much guys.

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Yes, mark as a solution what @PackRat told me.
Thank you.