Change of Forum etc

Hi Everyone

Long story short, we are needing to make some changes with the forum. We are going to move to a new forum provider. We will attempt to migrate as much as we can from Discourse to the new forum but there is a chance you may either have to sign up again or reset your password.

Info is a little shortcoming until we are set on where and when.

I will update this post as we go.


Thx for the warning , hopefully it wont be too many issues migrating & we wont loose too many stuff also.

Keep it on m8

Change is good :ok_hand:

Talking further with @sqamsqam it appears we will be starting from scratch again :frowning:
Oh well.

Well that sux, all this for nothing.

Shit happens. It could be a lot worse :smiley:

You bet.

How big is the forum site… and what software does it need to run on? I may be able to help some; if I know what you need.

You probably already checked these out @Dobbie03

Also interesting but perhaps too risky…

@Dobbie03 Ok. I’ll keep an eye on the thread


Would be nice but it won’t work out for us.

The new forum set up is coming along nicely.

We plan on running the two side by side for a while until we get people migrated over.

Still a ton of work to get done but we are getting there slowly.

I don’t feel migrated being a “Junior Member”.

LOL it goes from post count. As we have to start from scratch everyone will be a Junior Member. Even you long in the ArchLabs tooth types.


One thing we will do is implement custom user titles. Once we are live I will ask people if they want that.

@sqamsqam is in the process of setting up Discourse on Digitalocean.

I am beginning my quest to find some sort of substantial sponsorship for ArchLabs. Any advice or direction there will be really appreciated.

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Dunno what “substantial” means, but you could expect some contribution from forum-addicted people, e.g. myself.

Just more than the little amount we receive as what we get now basically covered the domain costs. :smiley:

Anything is appreciated :smiley: Though I’d like to get sponsorship from somewhere.