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ArchLabs 2020.11.04 > Openbox on Dell Inspiron 13 7000

I don’t like the login screen I chose at installation so I want to change it. I can’t find a solution in XFCE docs or forum, or anywhere else on the net, and the only thread here said to use lightdm/pantheon-greeters.conf which doesn’t exist on my system.

Check in /etc

I haven’t used a login manager in a while, but the config files use to get installed to /etc/lightdm, /etc/lightdm-greeter …

Or something similar.

The Arch wiki has extensive entries for lightdm and pantheon. Check out those.

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I did try those but I don’t seem to have /etc/lightdm or /etc/lighdm-greeter on my system.

Perhaps it would be easier if you told us which DM you did choose/install that way we don’t have to play guess work.

As a refresher, the options were

  • lightdm
  • xinit
  • gdm
  • lxdm

Sorry, I should have stated that. I don’t recall but file manager indicates xinit



[drew@archlabs-drew ~]$ grep ‘/usr/s?bin’ /etc/systemd/system/display-manager.service
[drew@archlabs-drew ~]$

Change /etc/sddm.conf to use whatever them you like.

So sddm, you can do the following to switch to lightdm (same applies to other DM, just change the installed packages)

systemctl disable sddm
pacman -Rnsc sddm
pacman -S lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings accountsservice
systemctl enable lightdm

There’s also other greeters (deepin, elementary, etc.)

Thank you. Is there any particular reason why I would want to switch from sddm to lightdm , other than the different screen appearance?

None whatsoever, but your post is titled to switch.

What wm/de are you using?

xfce usually uses lightdm, sddm by kde/plasma, and gdm for gnome.