Change font size interactively in st (simple terminal)

Just putting this out there since it took me a while to learn this: you can interactively change the font size in st, just like in most other terminals. Just that the keybinding to do that is not Ctrl-+ and Ctrl-i like it is in most terminals, but Ctrl+Shift+pgup and Ctrl+Shift+pgdn
(sorry, had a typo earlier, corrected now)

The zoom function is defined as <ctrl>+<shift>+<pgup>/<pgdn> in config.def.h:

#define TERMMOD (ControlMask|ShiftMask)
 { TERMMOD,              XK_Prior,       zoom,           {.f = +1} },
 { TERMMOD,              XK_Next,        zoom,           {.f = -1} },
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