Certain packages are really buggy on my fresh archlabs intsall

Hey guys, new to archlabs, I have more experience with manjaro recently, but I wanted to give archlabs a try as something new, and honestly I can say the experience has been pretty awesome so far, especially on install, what a breeze.

I am having a few issues however, certain apps for whatever reason seem really buggy on this particular install, I did not have these issues on the manjaro kde install that was previously on this system. But alacritty is super buggy and completely unusable, I get a cursor and that is it, if I type nothing happens, it is technically typing, because if I say cd ./config and then create another terminal window, it does refresh and show that it is now in the config directory, but still I cannot see what I am typing or doing (also the text size is very large) and I also noticed that chrome has (while not the same issue) a lot of issues, anytime I click it takes forever for anything to happen, and sometimes it does actually do what I am asking it to, but does not show on screen, I will have to add another window for it to refresh.

I am running the Archlabs 5.17.1-arch1-1 kernel, my laptop is a lenovo yoga 9 with a i7-1260p and internal intel graphics.

I am sure that is not enough or the right information for you guys to debug this with me, but I hope it is a start. Thanks!

I also should probably have mentioned that I am running i3, however I have a vm arch running i3 and chrome works fine in that, so I don’t think it is i3 related

Sounds like the xorg video driver.

Try removing xf86-video-intel that way it will use the modesetting driver instead. You can always reinstall xf86-video-intel later if that doesn’t work.



wow ok, that seems to have fixed it and everything seems to run fine using the modesetting driver

Huge thanks!


Glad it worked bud!