Certain keys not always working

Dammit Jim, I’m a man … not a machine!

Walmart @leigh … $7



Thanks @knob @GreenMartian

I am trying to avoid the external keyboard as I now have to use the Lappy when I go into the office, and when I’m in the lab.
Also, my desk setup at home doesn’t have space
I have various other keyboards at home tho

I actually ordered a replacement part for the Lappy keyboard that I found here in Portugal, just this morning
Unfortunately, no Walmart here in PT, its a case of much less choice and higher prices down here, compared to US and UK

I’ll report back, but I am now pretty certain it is hardware

I bloody hope so

This is the laptops internal keyboard? Have you taken it out from the chassis and thoroughly cleaned it?

If it’s mechanical or chiclet style you can take the thing right apart and do a proper cleaning plus have a look at the problematic keys to find out the cause. If you’re not feeling any sticking then it’s likely a moisture issue, be sure to rice bag or air dry until bone dry. The tiniest amount of condensation on the inside of the switch can cause this.


oh. No, I have just cleaned it with the hoover and alcohol. Bugger

yup it is

I took one key off and the hinge pieces then nearly went to bed in tears / hit the lappy with a club hammer before I finally got the fucking hinge back together and in the right place on those little metal hinges. Never again. Doesnt help that I only have arm length distance glasses.

I never knew that. Thanks
Probably obvious, but is ‘rice bagging’ putting dried rice (microwave it?) in a bag on it, to pull the moisture out?
Maybe me dousing it in (non greased contact alcohol whilst cleaning with hoover was not a good idea?

‘air dry’ is a hair dryer?

I almost dont want o try to fix it in case I find I have needlessly paid for a new keyboard

Failure is the best way of learning, as they say

Air dry would be leaving it open in a fairly dry room with a fan pointed at it for a day or two (possibly more). Rice bagging would be using the rice as a desiccant to remove moisture, no microwave or anything lol and you don’t need a whole bag or rice, 2-3 cups will do. Put it in a large ziplock if possible or a couple garbage bags and leave it for a day, 24hrs should be enough time for the rice to pull out any moisture.

If that doesn’t work then it’s definitely a hardware issue, possibly corrosion on the PCB but that’s just spitballing.

Alcohol is a good option as well because it evaporates fast and forces moisture out of areas but it’s not likely to help with switches. A lot of the times the switch has a tiny bit of dielectric grease applied to improve conductivity and switch feel, alcohol can remove this and make the switch malfunction or feel grindy.

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I did mean the rice first to dry it out, not the lappy in there
although sometimes its tempting …

Maybe I should have used contact alcohol with some lubricant in it

Thanks for info!
I also know what ‘spitballing’ means now too

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Didn’t realize it was a laptop. You can try all Nate’s suggestions when you find the wrong keyboard has turned up.

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The keyboard was dispatched worryingly efficiently


Next time, go Thinkpad.


I go the new keypad
Looks right
But watching videos (eg this ) and it looks like I have to cut off all the plastic melt rivets to get the old one out.
Then that vid uses double sided tape between new pad and chasis (although there was none there originally) and then epoxy to stick at the cut of rivet/lugs (I think he also suggests silicon?)

Anyone with experience of this care to give me any advice?


Use a piece of cardboard to hold the screws as you remove them, in the same layout as the lappy. Screw them into the cardboard.

I’m doing the same for my T410



Wow, that’s a horrible way Asus used to secure the keyboard. I’ve pulled apart plenty of laptops but I guess never an Asus.

The way they suggest should work ok. Maybe use 5min araldite.

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Bah! - always a few screws left over after pulling a laptop apart.

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That is a coincidence!

I took apart the T410S that my bro in law just gave me and I forgot to do that cardboard trick that my mechanic dad taught me when I was little. Stupid, Stupid Boy! I was just too lazy.

Do you have a photo of where the different screws go, please?

Oh! I just noticed thats a video not a photo, so prob it will show me - sorry!

Yes, it looks like a nightmare

So I decided to just clean out the inside of the keypad (there were some hairs and bits in there)

But in the words of Mr Biafra, ‘we’ve got a bigger problem now’ :frowning:

The ribbon cable attachment at the touchpad end fell apart.
OK, I can live without a touchpad, never use the bloody things, but …

The end of the ribbon cable itself to the power button was destroyed too

Frantic searches led me to know to cut off the crap end of the cable and then sand down one side (the right side on 2nd go!) to the bare wires, but then it was too loose and so more fiddling around and then a bit of tape on it finally did the trick. TFFT.

That (ASUS X550LB) is my main home and work driver, and now I am not at all sure of its robustness - its all very flimsy in there, and that ribbon cable …,
I dont feel comfortable now taking it in and out of work in the backpack

And, despite my cleaning the keyboard still doesnt work, so I am on an external bluetooth one now


I knew it was coming but finances for a new one will be tricky.

Bugger on a bike!

Maybe that is the way for me to go
Any recommendations of model etc?

Never! YMMV.

My T410 had only two screws; one in the memory cover and one that holds the KB. I opened and removed the KB and put it back because countless times that worked. No joy. A new KB for me. No pressure, I just use it for testing distros with a USB KB.


My dad calls leftover bolts and screws ‘weeeeeee bolts’
Because that’s the noise you make as you throw them over your shoulder at the end of a job
But he never had any - to much of a damn good mechanic.
He’d still be working if he could, at 81.

I think my heart rate has gone down a bit now and I am coming out of my panic, I don’t get better with age :roll_eyes:

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i think you need to bite the bullet and replace it

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you are not wrong

She’ll be right mate!!! What can go wrong? :grinning:

Asus X550L - Full Disassembly, Cleaning tips

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